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"Rex", original patch

Filthy Animals started off as an initial idea from Loki580 and lD3structionl due to dissatisfaction from the MC they were currently in, Primal Pack MC (PRMC)  They had an idea of a stricter, yet more realistic brotherhood, where input was valued and it was truly everybody's MC.  After a falling out with PRMC's President, Loki and D decided to embark on their journey that would become the Filthy Animals.  After picking out the name and trying to go to patchmakers to make their patch, Loki decided to take it making the patch himself, and all other graphics to further solidify the "All In House" F4MC was trying to accomplish.  With other deflectors from PRMC and even their first Prospect of their own, the First 8 started.

First 8

Loki580 - |D3struction| - TSB Illuminati - Sp00ky P0tat0 - cazbon - DopE4BoY20 - BoneSoup29 - Commend Mee

Though the first few month had its ups and downs, members came, members left, the turning point came when Rockstar Games decided to spotlight the crew in December of 2016 and help with their recruiting.  Out of 200 applicants, only few were able to get in with their idea of Quality over Quanity.  Changes of The Table have occured, a core nucleus remained and the Filthy Animals have thrived playing the game their way.  In February of 2017, the club decided it was time to rebrand the club with a new image.  After searching and many discussions, Rex was retired for the Boar.  With not a lot of clubs using any kind of pig/boar as their centerpiece, the Filthy Animals wanted to truly stand on their own and send a message that we will not conform to anybody.  Having removed the 1% Diamond indicating their lack of faith in a community that is deteriorating, the club pressed on to further "Fuck the Feelings" of those they wish to.  Not merely settling as a bottom feeding club, they are out to truly change GTA's Biker Community for the better.

"Fear the Boar", new and current patch